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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The "All About My Vagina" web site

A few years ago I ran across a link on slashdot for a website called All About My Vagina. Now, THAT sounded interesting! Since I've had a fascination with (human) female genitalia from an early age, I surfed on over to see what more I could learn.

Hours later, a few things were clear:
  • The author lived in Victoria, B.C. (Canada)
  • She apparently lived in a houseful of artists, or something
  • She was young. Sometimes she reported the most obvious, mundane things as if they were some kind of major discovery -- such as the revelation that her vagina starts to smell bad if she doesn't wash it for a few days!
OK, so it was worth a few laughs. I sent a link off to my sweetheart. A day or two later, said sweetheart responded with a most delightful unfinished limerick, to which I supplied the last line:
There was a young lass from Victoria
Obsessed with her mound of euphoria.
So she set it prose,
Now everyone knows
The geography 'round her clitoria.
We had a good laugh, but it was short-lived. Soon after, the site's owner announced that she was quitting (or something like that; I don't remember precisely what she said). If I remember correctly, it was becauses she was getting too many emails from creepy males who were just a little TOO curious about her vagina. Gaw, what a surprise!! Emails from a zillion clueless, creepy guys! Who could'a seen THAT coming?

That was three years ago, and I've seldom thought about the site since (except a few weeks ago, when my sweetheart and I were reminiscing about the great limerick).

So, I was going through old bookmarks the other night, cleaning out the dead ones, and I came across the link to that site, stashed deep down inside (pun intended) a folder-within-a-folder (pun still intended) in my bookmarks file. Fully expecting the URL to be dead, I clicked on it.

What a surprise! All About My Vagina has been resurrected... as a blog! It's apparently still run by the same person, and it appears to be a one-person blog (as mine is).

So.... a one-person blog, about a vagina. Does that make it...

"The Vagina Monoblog?" HAW HAW HAW!!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

They're at it again

This morning, I got the (dis)pleasure of waking up to what NPR calls "news." It's always good to listen to what both ends of the political spectrum are saying; there are things going on that one side won't tell you about, but the other side will.

So that's why I occasionally endure Rush Limbaugh as well as NPR. Most of the news I get is slanted to the Left, because most news outlets swing that way. So I generally don't have to seek out the Left's viewpoint, because we're all deluged with it. Unfortunately, the stuff coming from the Left is getting less and less credible: they just cannot constrain themselves to stick with facts any more. For instance look at the extreme bias in the so-called "global warming" issue: most people aren't even aware that there is a very vigorous ongoing debate in the scientific community over whether it's human-caused. Most people think that the science is "settled," whatever that means, or that there's a "scientific consensus," whatever that is.

A great many of the Right's outlets make me sick (not Limbaugh, at least he's entertaining but I just don't consider him worth my time) but I have to force myself to go to their outlets sometimes to get the parts of the stories that the Left-biased mainstream media won't tell us. Most of the time, the Right doesn't flat-out lie and make stuff up, as the Lefties do, but they're so steeped in their shame-based religious nonsense that they still wouldn't recognize good critical thinking if it walked up and spread its legs right in front of them.

Thank His Noodliness (that's equivalent to "thank god" to you heathens who still haven't received the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) for Reason Magazine. They're about the only daily voice of sanity in a world that is "perishing in an orgy of self-sacrifice" [Ayn Rand].

So, what was the item in the News of the People's Republic (NPR) that so upset me? More Wal-Mart bashing. They just can't leave Wal-Mart alone -- or any other business, for that matter, that doesn't pay them their "protection" money. By all that's right and holy, the entire Democratic Party should be indicted under the RICO act* because they've become nothing more than an organized crime ring of thugs that go around the country shaking down successful businesses for "donations" with the threat of destroying them if they don't pay up. Remember the "sweatshop" propaganda campaign against Nike? That happened because some Democrat tried to shake them down, and they refused to pay. Well, now they're doing it to Wal-Mart.

Ever wonder why they don't go after Costco? Ever wonder why Costco never gets any oppostion to putting up THEIR "big-box" stores? Why Costco never gets accused of driving local mom-and-pop operations out of business with prices against which a smaller store cannot compete?

Here's why: the executives at Costco donate heavily to the Democratic Party and to so-called "liberal" causes. And, if memory serves me correctly, Costco is a union shop. The Walton family donates to Republicans and their causes -- and, of course, the unions have been unable to convince Wal-Mart's employees that they're miserable and unhappy and that they should organize. And that's it, pure and simple.

The arguments against Wal-Mart are to the field of economics what Intelligent Design is to the field of biology: junk science. If you need a primer in economics to understand this, surf on over to reason.com and do a search for articles about Wal-Mart.

Remember that this is not about the poor Wal-Mart employees (because they're perfectly happy). It is not about all of the poor mom-and-pops that are being driven out of business (because there aren't any). It is about politics. And politics is about power, and the money that buys power. And that's ALL that it's ever about.

And by the way, I shop at both Wal-Mart and Costco. What their executives do with their own money is their business.

WWJD -- What Would John [Galt] Do?

* Unfortunately, if they were all indicted and sent to prison, that would leave Republicans in charge. And without any restraints on THEM.... <shudder>

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Monday, January 23, 2006

A GREAT idea!

One of the flames on the Oregon Bush Hackers list had the following to say about me:

I looked at the blog and all I see is an attempt for a writer wanna be to get his name in public.

His blog is inflammatory, contains obscenities, repeatedly and links to his commercial web site. He obviously consideres himself a professional writer. Publicity Stunt?
Oh, man, I've been concentrating so hard on getting my photography launched that I'd forgotten that I'm also a writer! And not a "wanna be;" I'm the real thing. I earn money from my writing. Which is why I never blogged before: it never made sense to me to write for no pay.

So, let's see. I'm a professional writer with cred. I have a story that lots of publications would be interested in. Hmmmm....

I think I'll crack open my Writer's Market and start making some inquiries. I'll bet I can make a few changes happen in the behavior of 4-wheelers all over the country.

That would be a Good ThingĀ®. Because as of now, we can stop referring to the environmentalists as "the enemy." Our own people are doing more to get the forests shut down than all of the environmentalist organizations put together.

WWJD -- What Would John [Galt] Do?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I feel sad...

Well, the Oregon Bush Hackers are as mad as a stirred-up nest of hornets, and frankly I can't blame them. I kinda reamed 'em a new asshole....

This is one weekend of my life that I will never get back. I'm kind of sad, because... well, dammit I was looking forward to meeting new friends there with mutual interests... friends to go wheeling with and do Fun Stuff together. Now all I feel is a sense of loss. Of course, you can't lose something that never was, but it's still normal to feel a sense of loss.

I should have known better than to expect to make friends here in the Portland area. People here aren't very nice -- in fact, they're downright nasty -- and it's one of the reasons I swore to God (I believed in God then) that I'd never come back. But a job offer after three years of being unemployed in Paradise (well, it wasn't exactly paradise, but you could SEE paradise from there!), and I moved here in a heartbeat.

I guess maybe I'm just lonely for the kind of people who live "downstate," as it's called. That must be a Portlander saying, 'coz it connotes that everywhere else in the state is somehow beneath them. And that's the way they act whenever they visit anywhere else in the state.

Anyway, most folks in the rest of Oregon understand a few things that Portlanders just don't get. Respect for other people's property, for instance (okay, not in the People's Republic of Eugene but let's not go there right now).

You won't believe this, but the Oregon Bush Hackers still don't get it!! I had one guy that came right out and claimed that churning up all that mud doesn't harm the environment in any way! Maybe he should talk to a fisheries biologist. Or maybe not; fisheries biologists have better things to do with their time than argue with fools.

Another really nice lady sent me this:

Had Mr. Zeller approached our group as a whole or Jenn individually, which is what he should have done, with what he saw offensive, we would have changed it immediately and enlightened the OBH group to the errors of our ways. But, Mr. Zeller did not approach anyone. Instead, he was very rude and condescending to Jenn and the group as a whole, putting out a blanket, childish statement, about "something" he found offensive. And when Jenn tried to contact him about it and discuss it, he never responded to her.
[Aside: I find it somewhat amusing that people who play in mud puddles think that they have any room to talk about someone else being "childish"....]

Uh, excuse me? This guy is expected to take time out of his busy day to explain the obvious? Hello-o-o-o-o-o....

Gee, I'm really sorry that your mother died but if someone would have just bothered to explain to me that when you pull the trigger on a gun....

or, as George Castanza said once in a Seinfeld episode, "I'm not supposed to have sex with the cleaning lady on my desk? Well, if you had bothered to explain that...."

Why anyone should have to explain why those photos are offensive (there are three more besides the one I posted here yesterday) is... I'm just shaking my head. It's just hard to believe that anyone can be that dense.

Maybe it's time to get the heck out of the Portland area, and try to find a job "downstate" where there are some people with a little bit of sense in their heads.

WWJD -- What Would John [Galt] Do?

I feel sick... just sick

"It's deja vu all over again" -- some famous baseball guy

"Why must I be surrounded by fricking idiots?" -- Dr. Evil, in the first Austin Powers movie

It's happened before, but it's been quite a while since the last time. I just found out that a group I joined is not what they claim to be.

I think the first time was when I became disillusioned with the environmental movement, and realized that their goals had nothing to do with the environment. Sadly, I walked away.

And then there was the Republican Party. I was a Party official, for the luvva gawd. And then realized that I'd gotten into bed (politically speaking, of course) with idiots. I walked, but I made damn sure to ruffle some feathers on my way out.

This time, it's a four-wheel-drive club. They call themselves the Oregon Bush Hackers. Not "whackers," but "hackers". You see, they were originally a bunch of geeks at Intel Corporation who like to wheel. Get it? "hackers." I thought it was pretty clever. The club exists only in cyberspace, as a Yahoo! group. That's enough info for you to find them if you're really curious.

So, these people CLAIM to follow the principles of the Tread Lightly organization. But NOBODY in the group seems to be able to figure out what's wrong with this picture:
Here we have some idiot on an OBH run who decides that the approved 4WD trails aren't good enough for him; he has to make his own. So he's churning up a bunch of mud during a high-runoff period, destroying the vegetation that is under the water, and increasing the siltation downstream (which happens to be a blue-ribbon trout stream).

Can anyone see what's wrong with this picture? Jeez, I didn't think it was rocket science.

So, the person who took this picture puts it on her web site, and gets a NASTY email from a forestry official a few months later that basically rips her a new asshole. She claims to be a member of Tread Lightly. In fact, I think she's claiming to be some kind of an offical. AND SHE CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT'S PISSING OFF THE FORESTRY GUY!

Jesus Christ.

So a bunch of the Bush Hackers, none of whom seem to have Clue One about "what's wrong with this picture," start sending emails to this forestry guy and his superiors, griping about his "unprofessional behavior" and trying to get him to tell them just which photos on the above-referenced Web site he finds offensive.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

He never replied to any of them. Neither did any of his superiors. Now they've got their panties all in a wad about how the Forestry officials are having to close roads and reduce other services because so much of their budget is going to repair the kind of damage shown in the photo above.

Jesus Tittyfucking Christ.

And I'm sitting here wondering just what kind of an organization I really joined, in which no one seems to be able to figure out what the hell's wrong with the picture.

I thought they were nice people. I actually believed the bullshit about the Tread Lightly thing. But they don't have Clue One what Tread Lightly actually MEANS: they only give it lip service because it makes them LOOK good.

I've gotten in trouble for this before, and I'm sure I'll get in trouble for it again, but I don't give a tinker's dam what something LOOKS like. I care what actually IS. And these people are phonys.

Tread Lightly my ass. I wonder what the Tread Lightly officials would think of this if they saw it?

WWJD -- What Would John [Galt] Do?

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Hello, World!

Well, here I am -- a Johnny-come-lately to the blogosphere. I never thought I had the time, but there are some things I just need to get off of my chest, and this is probably the best venue for it.

I'm a libertarian. I used to be a Republican. Before that, I was a Democrat. My opinions are going to reflect that.

There are really only three things, maybe four, that really tick me off: stupidity, hypocrisy, and lying. I can't remember right now what the fourth one might be. But I can and do get downright (verbally) abusive to people practicing any or all of these three. That puts Democrats and Left-wingers right at the top of my list, since they practice all three. Christians (except Orthodox Christians) and, increasingly, Republicans, are a close second.

Then there's Microsoft corporation. And so forth on down the list in decreasing order of stupidity.

Jeez, you'd think I could start with people and organizations that I admire. But that's boring: most people enjoy a well-written rant and besides, the whole reason for writing here is because there's something -- a lot of things -- that bugs me. Anyway, here's a short list of those I admire: Ayn Rand, Robert A. Heinlein, Reason magazine, Ron Paul, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and my lover Katherine. She started her own blog today too.

That's enough for a First Post. I need to get busy writing about something in particular that's bugging me.

WWJD -- What Would John [Galt] Do?