What Would John Galt Do?

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hello, World!

Well, here I am -- a Johnny-come-lately to the blogosphere. I never thought I had the time, but there are some things I just need to get off of my chest, and this is probably the best venue for it.

I'm a libertarian. I used to be a Republican. Before that, I was a Democrat. My opinions are going to reflect that.

There are really only three things, maybe four, that really tick me off: stupidity, hypocrisy, and lying. I can't remember right now what the fourth one might be. But I can and do get downright (verbally) abusive to people practicing any or all of these three. That puts Democrats and Left-wingers right at the top of my list, since they practice all three. Christians (except Orthodox Christians) and, increasingly, Republicans, are a close second.

Then there's Microsoft corporation. And so forth on down the list in decreasing order of stupidity.

Jeez, you'd think I could start with people and organizations that I admire. But that's boring: most people enjoy a well-written rant and besides, the whole reason for writing here is because there's something -- a lot of things -- that bugs me. Anyway, here's a short list of those I admire: Ayn Rand, Robert A. Heinlein, Reason magazine, Ron Paul, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and my lover Katherine. She started her own blog today too.

That's enough for a First Post. I need to get busy writing about something in particular that's bugging me.

WWJD -- What Would John [Galt] Do?


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