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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The "All About My Vagina" web site

A few years ago I ran across a link on slashdot for a website called All About My Vagina. Now, THAT sounded interesting! Since I've had a fascination with (human) female genitalia from an early age, I surfed on over to see what more I could learn.

Hours later, a few things were clear:
  • The author lived in Victoria, B.C. (Canada)
  • She apparently lived in a houseful of artists, or something
  • She was young. Sometimes she reported the most obvious, mundane things as if they were some kind of major discovery -- such as the revelation that her vagina starts to smell bad if she doesn't wash it for a few days!
OK, so it was worth a few laughs. I sent a link off to my sweetheart. A day or two later, said sweetheart responded with a most delightful unfinished limerick, to which I supplied the last line:
There was a young lass from Victoria
Obsessed with her mound of euphoria.
So she set it prose,
Now everyone knows
The geography 'round her clitoria.
We had a good laugh, but it was short-lived. Soon after, the site's owner announced that she was quitting (or something like that; I don't remember precisely what she said). If I remember correctly, it was becauses she was getting too many emails from creepy males who were just a little TOO curious about her vagina. Gaw, what a surprise!! Emails from a zillion clueless, creepy guys! Who could'a seen THAT coming?

That was three years ago, and I've seldom thought about the site since (except a few weeks ago, when my sweetheart and I were reminiscing about the great limerick).

So, I was going through old bookmarks the other night, cleaning out the dead ones, and I came across the link to that site, stashed deep down inside (pun intended) a folder-within-a-folder (pun still intended) in my bookmarks file. Fully expecting the URL to be dead, I clicked on it.

What a surprise! All About My Vagina has been resurrected... as a blog! It's apparently still run by the same person, and it appears to be a one-person blog (as mine is).

So.... a one-person blog, about a vagina. Does that make it...

"The Vagina Monoblog?" HAW HAW HAW!!!



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