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Sunday, April 30, 2006


It has been 2½ months since I last posted here, and there has been a lot of H2O under the bridge.

When I originally wrote the prior post, it was intended as a lead-in to a rant about a situation I had recently encountered in an online forum of "professional" (i.e., mostly wanna-be's) stock photographers who were being cynically used by the movie and record industry to protest some reasonable (and necessary) changes to copyright law.

Then, for whatever reason, something triggered my anger at Microsoft Corporation and I decided that my next post on this blog (which has turned out to be this post) would be about Microsoft's lies instead -- and I changed the promise at the end of the previous entry to reflect that.

That was 2½ months ago. I shan't explain why I've been away, because this blog is not about my personal life; it's about ideas.

And there has been no letup in the attack upon the public mind with dangerous, ignorant and downright stupid ideas while I've been away. In fact, it's even worse now than it was before. Hmmm, it must be an election year in the USA or something....

While I've been separated from my computer, I've watched idiots on both sides of the political spectrum rant and fume about the price of gasoline, and not one of them has indicated any shred of clue about what is happening, or why. I've watched morons (again, on both sides) rage over the non-existent immigration "problem" without -- again -- any shred of clue about economic realities and the fact that all of those illegals are here because we need them. A painful memory surfaced of the Ayatollahs running the Republican Party and what they did to me -- reminding me that I need to rip them a new asshole here some day. John Kenneth Galbraith has died (long after his ideas, which proved themselves an utter failure, did), as the ignorati anoit him "one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century". What a steaming crock.

And the misanthropists running the Global Warming Scaremongering Machine have gone beyond "let's see how ridiculous we can get and still have them believe us" and are now engaged in an all-out war on the human race. They'll be releasing a horror movie in a week or two starring Al Gore, with the usual propaganda that the only way to save the Earth (and ourselves) is to return to a pre-industrial-age existence. Never mind that the entire environmentalist agenda is based on junk science; never mind that it is impossible to grow enough food for the current world population with 19th-century technology; never mind that the green's agenda is a prescription for permanent world-wide poverty, starvation and disease -- none of that matters because (as an environmentalist said on a certain South Park episode), "Nothing matters more than saving the Earth. Not even your lives."

Speaking of South Park, there have been some truly great things also happening while I've been away. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have steadfastly refused to bow to the demands of religious extremists everywhere, and instead delivered some blistering satire right back at the Scientologists, Catholics and Muslims -- and all at the same time. Those two guys are brilliant. Parker & Stone didn't just humiliate the people who would censor them; they flat-out rubbed those people's faces in their own crap. If you still haven't seen this season's South Park episodes, you need to find a place to download them, or get Comedy Central added to your TV cable offerings and wait for this season's re-runs, or get a friend to tape them for you. They are THAT good.

Also, a reader has written with more information on the Byerly Boys. I'll have to get around to updating that post Real Soon Now, but the upshot of it is that he is doing business with them, and he is getting paid. That is pretty good news.

And finally, Wal-Mart has pissed off the Wikipedi-philes by actually DOING something about the hatemeisters who want to deny Wal-Mart's right to exist. Hooray for them!

So, will I fulfil my promise by making tonight's entry be about the lying bastards at Microsoft? Tell you what: let me give you a rain check. I promise that I'll get to that someday.

In the meantime, don't believe any of the scaremongering propaganda about global warming. The sky is NOT falling. Don't believe any of Microsoft's propaganda either. Windows® is NOT safe, and cannot be made safe. Don't believe the Republicans' promises to find out whether the oil companies have engaged in price gouging: they know good and well that no price gouging has occurred.

In fact, while you're waiting for me to make my next post, your time would be better spent watching South Park reruns than paying any attention to what passes for "news." At least South Park bears SOME resemblence to reality.

So, as you try to sort through all of the nonsense, just remember this one simple principle:

WWJD -- What Would John [Galt] Do?


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