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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Byerly boys, continued

The story so far:

So I've got a couple of yahoos named Matthew and Randall Byerly who want me to sign a "contract" so that I can do some work for them. The contract is so poorly written that I have no recourse if they do not pay me -- in effect, meaning that they're under no real obligation to do so.

I was a bit taken aback. And a bit suspicious. These guys were beginning to look like the McKenzie brothers in a series of comedy skits that Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas did back in the day. And my spider-sense is tingling really bad.

So I sent the Matthew the following email:


Uh, wait a minute.

You want me to sign a contract that places you in my debt, and you want me to extend you credit for up to 30 days.

You have provided no mailing address, either to me or to the Pennsylvania Corporations Bureau.

I can't find any information about you or your company on the Internet, except for a cryptic reference having something to do with railroads.

Why should I want to do business with you under those terms?


His reply wasn't encouraging:

Call me at 1-800-898-0829 opt. 1 or 717-214-4234

Matthew Byerly
Byerly Diversified, Inc
1-800-898-0829 option 1.
That was the entire message. Well, at least he seemed to have a Web presence, even though it does not show up in a Google search. That seems a little weird.

One look at his "web site" and I almost fell over laughing. It looks like somebody spent all of about fifteen minutes creating it! Using some kind of an online tool that auto-creates web sites for you!

After I looked at the HTML source (which you should also do, if you understand HTML) for his "web site," I really did fall over laughing. So I composed myself and sent Matthew Byerly a nice email thanking him for his interest, but declining the contract he'd offered, and wished his business well.

Much to my surprise, he responded. His response proves beyond all doubt that I was dealing with a rank amateur who has no idea what he is doing:

Our business is doing very well. In the future I hope you
find what you are looking for however it will not be with
us as we grow more in the WA area.
Yes, I'll bet his business IS doing very well. When you don't have to pay your subs... well, hell, it's all profit then, isn't it? No expenses! What a business model!

Of course, there's no hint of indignation in his reply, is there? No, no hint at all of a rank amateur who's been caught with his (training) pants down.

The guy wasn't even worth the time it took me to write about him here. But perhaps someone in the future will smell a rat, Google him, and find my obscure little blog that, to my knowledge, only two people read regularly. And no, my mother isn't one of them. She'd be very unhappy about the kind of language I use here sometimes. Not to mention the subject matter!

Besides, my mother has no idea who the hell John Galt is anyway.

WWJD -- What Would John [Galt] Do?


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