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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Gotten over the 2012 U.S. elections yet?  This is just a short post about the word "tense."

As in, past, present and future.  Yes, I like to play with words.

Starting with the future tense at an event in the past, here is a protestor at one of the first Tea Party protests.  This was the Nashville (TN) protest on Tax Day, 2009:

Now with the election over, Atlas IS shrugging.  Present tense.

There's a new blog out there:  Galt's Gulch Online, created by Harmon Kaslow, the producer of the Atlas Shrugged movies.  A great resource for like-minded folks, I highly recommend it.  Lots and LOTS of people are suddenly posting asking how to "Go Galt."

And lots of others are not asking; they're just doing it.  I should probably post a few links, but you've probably already seen all of the items in the news of people shutting down or downsizing their businesses -- to make LESS money -- to avoid the extreme taxes that are coming less than two months from now.

So, we're now in the present tense.  And soon, it will all be past tense.  Just like the novel's title.

There, I hope that relieves a bit of your... tense-ion...


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